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Vampire destroyed.
Girl saved?

The sweet taste of victory quickly sours for the Biggs and Myer team. Someone or something has broken into their office and destroyed everything but their safe room. What were they looking for? It’s hard to decipher from the ruins. The only clues the vandals leave behind are a crystal box and an envelope with a wax seal. It’s not long before the seemingly harmless items reveal their nefarious purpose, as secrets within the team are exposed.

Biggs and Myer enlist the aid of hunters and their Immortalem liaison, in an effort to put a face on this invisible foe. As they battle poltergeists and dark magic, a key to stopping what could be the equivalent to the apocalypse is brought to light. A power without a category in the Otherworld, and one of their own possesses it. Will they figure out who holds this power before it’s too late?

Spirit Box (A Biggs & Myer Brief)

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Paperback, bookmark and bookish goodies.

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