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Song of Sin

The Eldritch Trials

The Hasking stone breathes life once more, signaling the Blacktooth pack’s time to complete the Eldritch Trials. The problem is they have no champion and limited time to train one. The Alpha’s choice is simple - send the wolf who caused their dilemma in the first place.

Rel is no champion and barely a werewolf herself. But thanks to her temper, she is forced to take the role. Rel must enter Elderton and face the House of Testing. If she doesn’t, she'll lose the only mother she knows.

The House of Testing is unforgiving and holds no secrets once those doors close. Can Rel handle the truths she discovers about herself? Or the curse she carries that could start a war with a death god.

How will the trials end for Rel and the Blacktooth pack?

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Girls of Might and Magic

An Anthology

Each story I read I felt I was there witnessing it. I love the different creativity of each author’s world. I love that each heroine powers came from within showing we control our own destinies. I’m looking forward to read more of these authors works! - Amazon Review

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The Biggs & Myer Series

Lawyers vs. Vampires

Biggs & Myer Series.png


When the top predators of the human and paranormal worlds meet.

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A Safe Place

A Half Dead Novella

OMMFG I'm obsessed!! Really wish this was a longer book, Andi do not trust May. Obviously Baker is a baddie and Mrs. Morrison needs to handle him/them. I hope all will be well with her family, and Grant is a whole other level of power, and I cannot wait for them to be reunited. Heart broke for their circumstances. But it seems like they will come out on top, even though everything is trying to keep them apart. I understand her reasoning, and feel bad for how this may affect them. - Amazon Review

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