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Limitless power in the hands of minors, mischief is bound to happen.

Haunting, heartwarming, and tenacious. Minor Mischief is a collection of intricately crafted stories celebrating the power of innocence and imagination. Fans of Terrifying Tales to Tell at Night and movies like Monster House, will enjoy Minor Mischief.

Home Goin: Everyone keeps telling little Patrick McPherson that his Nana Bee has gone to live with God. He knows it’s not true because he can still see her. To prove it, he wakes her up.
The Magic in Kisses:A mother's magic is in her kiss, but little Chloe Jones's lips hold an unbelievable power.

Pinky Swear: Delilah made a promise to her little brother Carlos that not even death can stop her from keeping.
Heartburn: A terrifying secret burns deep in the Aarshin family. Embracing it may be the only way Anala can save them.
The Boy Who Cried Vampire: Six-year-old Ricky has a vampire problem, but no one believes him. Will he be able to prove vampires are real before the one stalking him catches him?

Minor Mischief (Second Edition)

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  • A paperback book, bookmark, and a few bookish goodies.

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