Biggs and Myer Attorneys at Law: Defending the Rights of the Living against the Things that Go Bump in the Night.


The nastiest vampire in Covenant just got served – a restraining order.


As the first all human law firm to take on inhuman cases, Biggs and Myer are in a race against the blood moon. Wielding both mortal law and magic will be necessary if they hold any hope of preventing a murderous vampire from achieving unfathomable power.


Winning is survival.

Failure is certain death.

Neither vampire nor human can afford the later.


An ancient prophecy states whoever holds the white hummingbird, holds the power of the sun. Can the legal team decipher the meaning behind the cryptic words in time to prevent the ominous threat from coming to pass? Or will a day walker unleash a brand of terror the world has never seen?

Biggs, Myer, and the Vampire