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Author of Dark Urban Fantasy
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Faded Shapes

New Release

Minor Mischief

Second Edition

Limitless power in the hands of minors, mischief is bound to happen.
Haunting, heartwarming, and tenacious. 

Minor Mischief is a collection of intricately crafted stories celebrating the power of innocence and imagination. Fans of Terrifying Tales to Tell at Night and movies like Monster House, will enjoy Minor Mischief.
Home Goin: Everyone keeps telling little Patrick McPherson that his Nana Bee has gone to live with God. He knows it’s not true because he can still see her. To prove it, he wakes her up.
The Magic in Kisses: A mother's magic is in her kiss, but little Chloe Jones's lips hold an unbelievable power.
Pinky Swear: Delilah made a promise to her little brother Carlos that not even death can stop her from keeping.
Heartburn: A terrifying secret burns deep in the Aarshin family. Embracing it may be the only way Anala can save them.
The Boy Who Cried Vampire: Six-year-old Ricky has a vampire problem, but no one believes him. Will he be able to prove vampires are real before the one stalking him catches him?

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Song of Sin book Cover
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Song of Sin
by E.M. Lacey

Sin corrupts but the truth could destroy them all.
The Hasking stone breathes life once more, signaling the Blacktooth pack’s time to complete the Eldritch Trials. The problem is they have no champion and limited time to train one. The Alpha’s choice is simple - send the wolf who caused their dilemma in the first place.

Rel is no champion and barely a werewolf herself. But thanks to her temper, she is forced to take the role. Rel must enter Elderton and face the House of Testing. If she doesn’t, she'll lose the only mother she knows.
The House of Testing is unforgiving and holds no secrets once those doors close. Can Rel handle the truths she discovers about herself? Or the curse she carries that could start a war with a death god.

How will the trials end for Rel and the Blacktooth pack?
A hundred-year curse or war with a god?

Song of Sin is part of the Shared World Collection presented by Jessica Cage. Pick up your copy today and lose yourself in a new world.

Other titles in the collection:
A Seeker of Honor and Redemption by A.L. Riley
Pride of the Chimera by A.D. McGhee
Sins of the Serpent King by Delizhia Jenkins
A Blaze of Spirit and Dreams by D.L. Howard
A Corruption of Gilded Ashes by Jessica Cage
A Dance of Blood and Destiny by K. R. S. McEntire
A Drop of Ink and Obsidian by Kish Knight

My favorite short story was "Heartburn" by E.M. Lacey. Ms. Lacey's writing reminds me of Richard Matheson, the great science fiction/fantasy/horror writer - with Twilight Zone, "The Omega Man" and "I Am Legend" to name a few. The character build up of Ms. Lacey's main character, Anala was superb. The final twist at the end was a great treat for the reader. I highly recommend this book for great writing and entertainment.

‘Girls of Might & Magic” Amazon Review

Praise & Reviews

Minor Mischief is a gem of a find - a series of five short stories focused on kids and the paranormal. My favorite story is the intro piece, "Home Goin", about a four year old boy who doesn't quite understand that his beloved grandma, Nana Bee, is dead when he attends her funeral at church. So he brings her back. Of course! I think my next favorite is the much sadder story "Pinky Swear", a ghost story of abuse and violence set in the projects. In all of these stories, Lacey is able to showcase the mischievous nature of children, especially when they have supernatural powers. I'm pleased I've discovered this author, and I look forward to reading more of her stories.

‘A gem’

Netanella - Goodreads

Now this is my type of fantasy story. The mixture of innocence and magical powers takes me back to my younger, Potter days. I would highly recommend this as a good read.

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About E.M. Lacey

E. M. Lacey is an indie author who crafts fiction through coffee and chaos. Explore her catalog of young adult and dark fantasy books.

She’s a coffee drinkin’, meme postin’, movie watchin’ author who loves to talk all things books and movies. You might bump into her at local comic cons and other such nerd fests. Whenever she’s not getting her nerd on, she’s writing, reading, binge-watching Netflix, indulging in bookish things, or communing with horror movie fans and other authors online.

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