The Books

Minor Mischief

Kids can be sweet, innocent, and mischievous. Meet five children with the power to:  return loved ones from the dead; to heal, protect, and live up to a dark calling.

Home Goin’

Everyone keeps telling little Patrick McPherson that his Nana Bee has gone to live with God. He knows it’s not true because he can still see her.  To prove it, he wakes her up -- right at the funeral.

The Magic in Kisses

There’s magic in a mother’s kiss, at least that’s what toddlers believe. For Alabaster and Richard Jones, that belief is flipped when their two-year-old Chloe does something unbelievable.

Breath of Life

Thirteen to a teenager is a magic number, it means you’re that much closer to being an adult. For Kya McDaniels, her thirteenth birthday is the day her powers awaken, which prove useful for getting rid of the dead man on the patio.

Pinky Swear

Delilah made a promise to her little brother Carlos, that not even death can stop her from keeping.


Darius McCray wants nothing more than to please his Papa, and the way for him to do that is to perfect his craft before the big party.

Minor Mischief celebrates the power of innocence, the purity of a promise, and the magic that allows children to rise above the darkest circumstance. 


Chicago, 2038

Esperanza Morrison, her young children Hope and Joshua, and their pit bull Sugar are moving through a post-apocalyptic urban landscape, dodging Reborns—infected, half-dead victims of a deliberately created epidemic called the Morpheus Strain. The small family is at great risk: Mrs. Morrison’s husband, Grant, has “turned” and is one of the Reborns. Following his family obsessively and killing all in his path, the former Army Ranger is a huge potential threat to their safety. The family’s luck seems to change when they take shelter with a group of soldiers and scientists, but when the only female scientist Dr. Mays implants tracking nanites under Mrs. Morrison’s skin, the group’s true motives begin to surface. Does Dr. Mays really have the Morrison Family’s best interests at heart? It is discovered that Mrs. Morrison has been bitten too, and has enhanced senses that fascinate the scientists. Mrs. Morrison is a fighter and by the climax of the story, she will need to take heroic action once again.

E.M. Lacey’s tense, fast-paced novella graphically depicts a group of tough multiracial survivors trying to find a safe place in a disturbing new world.