Author Bio

E. M. Lacey is a Chicago based author of paranormal, horror, and fantasy. She has been writing since the age of ten. Although she has many interests, writing has been her passion. Being exposed to authors like Tananarive Due, L.A. Banks, Octavia E. Butler, and cutting her teeth on horror greats Stephen King and Dean Koontz fueled her love of horror and all things paranormal. Ms. Lacey’s writing has been described as delicious, out-of-the-box, and fun. Ms. Lacey hails from Homestead, Florida but resides in Chicago, Illinois. She is working on her next piece. 

Why do I write what I write?


Identity seems to be the foundation of most of my stories. I think it’s more of embracing my personal struggle. I’ve always made myself lesser for the sake of others and in the process I loose myself. My characters either they do not embrace who they are, have forgotten who they are, or don’t know who or what they are. It’s all about power and learning how to tap in that unique power that is all your own. As they saying goes, “You cannot let anyone have power over you.” I guess, that is the bottom line of the struggles within my characters. It’s the same for me. Remembering who I am, what’s special about me and reclaiming that uniqueness and shouting it from the rooftops.  


I love the idea of special people with sleeping powers. We all have sleeping powers within us. It may not be super strength or lightening speed, but it is super and unique to you. We all have a “thing” that we were placed upon the earth to do and only “we can do it.” For me its writing, encouraging, and enjoying this life that I have been given.


What’s your super power?